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So I just watched Razorback. I watched it because of the info: "Likely the best movie ever made about a man-eating hog". This is pretty much all the description it needs.

It was a fun bad movie. There was the deus ex pig, saving Our Strapping Hero from a moral conundrum; villainous Australian rednecks (oh, the clichés); and a camel. Not enough explosions, though.

There was also surprise!misogyny, in the form of a (pregnant) woman whose only purpose was to be almost raped and then killed, thus bringing her husband, Our Hero, to Australia to avenge her death. This was less fun.

All in all, I'd rather go watch Stonehenge Apocalypse again. <3

In more exciting and fannish news, I signed up for [ profile] deancasbigbang. That was probably a bad idea, but I'm too busy worrying about my SPN university AU to get worked up about it yet. Give me till next week.

My to-do list is now basically writing and replying to comments. I'm getting better at being able to post and participate in fandom in certain situations -- when I can convince myself that I'm just 'throwing things out into the aether'. Less better when I'm actually talking to someone or have to reply, because omg I must impress them and not make a mistake ever. Which causes even more problems when I end up replying late salfkjs;a. ISSUES, I HAZ THEM. (This is also possibly part of the reason I identify with Dean over Sam, but that's a whole nother post.)


ETA: I may have fallen asleep before hitting post. Oops.
Also, I have not actually turned capslock off since STONEHENGE APOCALYPSE, idek.
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YAY! My laptop, whose name is George, is back from repairs! \o/\o/\o/

He now has an enter key and a shiny new keyboard. Also, there are no longer wobbly bits being held on by tape.

I am never lending anything to my sister ever again. She dropped him. Down the stairs.

Now that I have proper access to a computer and a full keyboard, I no longer have any excuse not to write and reply to comments. Feel free to kick me if I am being negligent in these things.

Also, I am starting to notice the Sam/Dean subtext when watching episodes. This has never happened before. I suppose this is what I get for having Sam/Dean people on my flist. Luckily, I can multi-ship anyone but Castiel. For some reason I can only ship Castiel with Dean (except for crack, sometimes, but not if Dean ever appears in the fic). I don't understand, I just accept.
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Title: You can't always get what you want
Rating: 14A
Characters/Pairing: Dean, Castiel, Lisa; gen, with one-sided Dean/Castiel pre-slash if you tilt your head and squint (which I do)
Spoilers: 5x22
Word Count: 570
Summary: Castiel makes a choice; broken men have nothing left to give.

Also @ DW here.

Dean woke up to the sound of screaming. )
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*sigh*  Once again, Survivor takes precedence over Show.  On the bright side, it gave me time to finally post this.  I should have finished it ages ago; at least I got it in before the episode in case Cas comes back, I suppose.

Title: Your Eyes Are Open
Rating: PG-13
Characters and Pairing: Dean/Castiel pre-slash, Sam
Spoilers: 5x18
Word Count: ~2900
Summary: After Van Nuys, Castiel thinks Dean is as good as dead. So while he tries to learn to live without Dean, Sam and Dean try to find him.
A/N: Holy shit, I finally fucking finished it! This is the longest fic that I have ever actually completed, which is pretty pathetic, but wow. Possibly I have been playing too much Robot Unicorn Attack because the title is from Erasure's "Always". I'm pretty sure that song is going to be stuck in my head forever.
I totally blame that game for why I didn't finish this earlier. That, and the anon meme, which I just discovered and love.

There was dirt under his fingernails and dust in his throat. )
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 So, as another way to procrastinate on my 5x18 fic, have some episode reactions and assorted squee.

My 2 on 5x18, 5x19, and the new series of Doctor Who ) 
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...and yet I keep doing this to myself.  Never again. 

So Point of No Return was fucking epic.  Have a completely unrelated fic.

ETA: FU formatting.  Never trying to copypasta from google docs again.
Son of ETA:  Hoshit, I actually just cross-posted a fic to a community.  Took me long enough. *is proud*

Title:  Same Old Song
Characters/Pairings: OCs, references to Team Free Will
Wordcount: ~1000
Rating: G
Summary:  In the future, some things change and some things stay the same.
Notes:  A response to [ profile] measuringlife's prompt, we become the stories we tell about ourselves on [ profile] comment_fic that got a bit away from me.  Title from the Kansas song, 'Dust in the Wind'.  Unbeta'd.
I was supposed to get this posted before 5x18, but failed miserably, so some of this has now been jossed. I don't think there's anything spoilery, though.

Hunters know better than anyone the power of stories. )


Apr. 15th, 2010 08:52 pm
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My mum has just decided that her seeing the new Survivor episode right now is more important than me seeing Supernatural.

But it doesn't matter right, I'm recording it anyway.  And it's not as if it isn't on every day. /sarcasm

The tragedies of living with those who wouldn't understand fannish-ness if it was explained with diagrams -- they just think I'm crazy.  FML.

I suppose I can use the time to finish the weird comment-fic I've been procrastinating on.
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Title: whatever this world can give
Fandom: Supernatural/Good Omens
Rating: PG
Pairing: gen, hints of Dean/Castiel and Crowley/Aziraphale if you look that way
Summary: Sam, Dean, and Cas go to steal the Colt from a demon named Crowley.
Warnings: gratuitous use of crossover, swearing, unbetaed
Spoilers: 5.09 The Real Ghostbusters
Length: 1120
Notes: I was surprised that no one wrote this after 5.09; it seemed very obvious and I was expecting that someone better than me would do it. Actually, I've been surprised and dismayed at the lack of GO crossover in this entire fandom; I would have thought it would be a very natural thing to do. I should have written this fic earlier (i.e. before 5.10), but I'm incorrigibly lazy.
Disclaimer: Supernatural belongs to Kripke&co and Good Omens to pterry and Neil. The title is, of course, from Iron Maidens's You're My Best Friend.

Dean glanced back at Sam and Castiel as they stood in front of the suburban house with the flourishing green garden. )

At some point, I need to work up the courage to actually post to the comms.
And lj HTML? IDEK, you are so weird, I don't get you.
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Title: (children of tomorrow) live in the tears that fall today
Fandom: Supernatural
Rating: 14A, for swearing
Pairing: Dean/Castiel
Summary: An unspecified future-fic. The end of the world is too late to change some things.
Spoilers: General S5
Warnings: un-betaed
Length: 470 words
Disclaimer: If it were mine there'd be more slash. As it is, SPN belongs to CW and Kripke&Co. Title is from Black Sabbath's Children of the Grave. (Do people still use these?)
Archive Info: Do people still archive fic? It's more a usenet thing, innit? Well, if so, I'll probably say yes if you ask.
Feedback: Criticism please! Any feedback is love.


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