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So the other day, there was this fandom!secret about how anon didn’t want the Voyage of the Dawn Treader movie because then people would do awful things like ship Lucy/Eustace (icky incest) and Lucy/Caspian (ew pedo). For one thing, I shipped Lucy/Caspian when I first read the book at, like, eight. But my immediate thought was of Reepicheep. Who was my favourite character and who my wee little self may or may not have shipped with both Lucy and Eustace :D. So congratulations anon, this is totally your fault.

Also, I’m so excite for the Dawn Treader movie, even though Prince Caspian was a total disappointment. Dawn Treader was my favouritest book. REEPICHEEP! DEATHWATER ISLAND! THE DUFFLEPUDS!

Title: Forbidden Things in a Nowhere World
Fandom: Chronicles of Narnia
Pairing: Eustace/Reepicheep
Rating: R
Warnings: technical bestiality? idk, it’s a sentient, sapient mouse, but then, Doctor Who thrives on alien!porn
Word Count: 300
Summary: There’s a sort of freedom in being at sea, especially in this impossible land.
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I’m not sure I want to cross-post this. D:
solitarysloth: a frowning man, captioned by "Writing is Hard" (I agree with Chuck on this)
This is my first entry here. You can tell because there's nothing underneath it. That's because posting is ~scary.
[personal profile] instantramen generously gave me my invite code and is totally cooler than me. Thank you!
This is a fic.

Title: You can't always get what you want
Rating: 14A
Characters/Pairing: Dean, Castiel, Lisa; gen
Spoilers: 5x22
Word Count: 570
Summary: Castiel makes a choice, but broken men have nothing left to give.

Also @ LJ here

Dean woke up to the sound of screaming. )


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