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It was only hours later, looking back on the day as he wrote in his journal, that Ianto realised that he had lied to Jack.

Jack, whom he had sworn, if only to himself, that he would never lie to.  And Ianto Jones never broke his word.

So he buried that memory, too.

When he told Jack, later, that he told him everything, Ianto was telling the truth.

So.  I like to do things to Ianto and his mind (I'm a horrible person to the characters that I love).  I'd like to write a fic, at some point, addressing the revelation of Day Five; I think it has the potential to be very dark and fucked up, but beautiful.  For now, googlebrat's Love of the Common People is canon.
I know how easy it can become to edit memories.  But things that are long buried can rush out and overwhelm you sometimes.

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I watched it again--oh gods why did I watch it again.

Cut for Ranty McRant (apparently I'm incapable of being sane about CoE, sorry) )
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 Here's a scene I just wrote from a fic I'm working on.  I haven't gotten this far in it yet (no where near, actually), but the scene just came to me (Ianto standing there with the fag) and I had to write it down.  And now I'm posting it because I feel like it and I'm rather fond of it.  There are oblique references in the text, but the icon is acually a hint too, to the setting (Now it's obvious).

Jack woke up to an empty bed, (sheets tucked up around his shoulders, the rumpled fabric over the mattress indicating where Ianto had lain beside him, already cold) and a gibbous moon staring down at him through the window. The moonlight cast shadows of the furniture and nameless things seemed to move in them.

He got up and crossed the room to stand naked in the window, looking down at the empty streets. He saw a movement at the end of the road and, after watching for a moment as it moved slowly away, turned away, picking up pants and shirt of the floor (probably his, only ones there) and pulling them on. He grabbed his coat off the chair before he left, closing and locking the door carefully behind him.

He found Ianto standing near the edge of the cliff that fell away to the breakers, gazing out over the ocean. The wet, tangled grasses came up nearly to his knees and he was huddled into himself, against the cold sea breeze. He cradled a cigarette in his hand and as Jack watched, he took a deep drag from it, seeming to seek warmth and comfort in it's trailing smoke.

He looked incredibly pale under the moonlight, hair and suit almost black against the white of his skin.  Ghost-like, drowned, and Jack tried to quell the morbid thought. He blinked and the image was gone, and there was Ianto, still ghostly, but oh-so-beautiful, lone figure against the desolate heath and endless dark ocean.

After a few more moments of watching, Jack approached Ianto, quiet, but careful to make just enough noise so that the Welshman would know someone was coming. Ianto stiffened, his fingers tightening around the cigarette, and Jack paused a few feet away. Without turning his head, Ianto reached back slowly with his left hand, until his fingers brushed against the familiar fabric of Jack coat and he relaxed, letting out a measured breath before taking another drag from the cigarette. Jack stepped closer, Ianto's hand still curled around the edge of his coat, and wrapped his arms around him from behind, resting his chin on the other man's shoulder. Ianto's body relaxed into the embrace, leaning back against him.

"It's beautiful, isn't it?"

"That doesn't make it right."

Oh gods, the formatting.  Copying from Notepad's going to be a fucking nightmare isn't it, unless I find a better way to do this.  Because there's no way I'm abandoning notepad, I like it too much (fixedsys FTW!).
I love writing in notebooks with my fountain pens, but for some reason, I just write much better on the computer *sigh*.

I also love the night.  I've wished for as long as I can remember that I could be nocturnal.  I still hope that someday I'll be able to do it, at least for a little while.  Oh well, sleepy tiem nao.

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The Earth was in trouble, and the Doctor never came.  So Jack blames the deaths of Ianto and Stephen on him.

Jack said, once, that the next time he saw the Doctor, he was going to kiss him and then he was going to kill him.

This time, he doesn't care to kiss him.  Jack wonders what it will take to kill the Doctor, and he waits.
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Jack would never admit to himself that he was running away to forget.

The Doctor never mentioned it because he knew that Jack would kill anyone who did--that he had done.
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Yes, I'm still up.  What is this thing you call sleep?

So I've been thinking more about Children of Earth ...Generally spoilery... )


Jul. 10th, 2009 08:49 pm
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Here's another fic while I wait for my Day Five download to finish.

Title: One more minute
Fandom: Torchwood
Rating: PG
Pairing: gen
Summary: Some things in the Hub need saving.
Warnings: character death :P
Spoilers: Children of Earth: Day One
Length: 250
Notes:Spoilery )
Disclaimer: I am not RTD et. al.  Case in point: Day Four.
Feedback: Criticism please!

The fic is hiding from the rest of CoE too. Can't say I blame it. )

Edited for spelling!fail.

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I'm not capable of approaching Day Four fic yet, so here's a post-Day One. 
Regarding Four, I can only say how amazingly accurate much of fandom's interpretation of Jack and Ianto's relationship was, which I will try to talk about later, along with everything else.
In other news, I'm still living in denialville and am terrified for tonight's ep, which is downloading.
I should probably start posting to comms at some point.

Title: Repetitions on a Theme
Rating: PG
Fandom: Torchwood
Pairing: Nothing really.  Vague Jack/Ianto, past Ianto/Lisa
Disclaimer: Are these things really worth anything anyway?  1. I am not brilliant enough to come up with these characters and stories, and 2. Day Four.
Summary: Ianto's been through too much destruction.
Spoilers: Day One
Wordcount: 230
Author's Notes:  I would have rather that the beginning of Day Two focused on Ianto instead of Gwen.
Feedback: Criticism please!

Snazzy cut hides fic )
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I will come back when I am capable of thinking somewhat clearly.  Until then, I will survive by using denial and my belief in the omnipotence of the Doctor as coping mechanism.  Because I'm really really not coping.

Day Two

Jul. 8th, 2009 12:31 am
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Long Flail about Day Two is long )

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First post!

I'd been putting off posting until I had fic to post, but this idea struck me as I was watching the fireworks tonight.  I love the atmosphere at a carnival and I felt like Jack and Ianto fit into it perfectly; I think I'd like to write more fics set at one.
So here's a little something for Victoria Day and long live the Queen.
Happy Victoria Day.

Title: Victoria Day
Fandom: Torchwood
Pairing: Jack/Ianto
Wordcount: 111
Rating: G
Notes: I realise that Great Britain doesn't celebrate Victoria Day, but I didn't know that when I thought of this.  I think it's a nice idea anyways that Torchwood would choose to celebrate it because Queen Victoria was their founder, and I imagine that after all that Cardiff has to put up with with regards to frequent mayhem and destruction, Torchwood would want to give them a holiday to thank the city and to apologise.
Fire streaked across the sky and the crack of gunpowder rang across the park, and it was nice, for once, to be able to appreciate it.  So on this day in honour of the organisation's founder, Torchwood tried to give back to the people of Cardiff and apologise for the rest of the year, when the explosions weren't quite so harmless or on purpose.
Jack leaned back against Ianto and said, "It's surprising, really, how many races don't appreciate the simple beauty of fireworks."
Ianto smiled softly as they gazed heavenwards, wrapped his arms around him, and told Jack that he loved him, the whisper drowned out by the thundering blasts.


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