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I totally meant to post at some point before Christmas. I didn't. Oops. I hope everyone had a great Christmas!

I have been spending my week-and-a-half holiday watching Lost (why was I never told how good it was?) and too much TV. Last night I watched the Star Wars Holiday Special for the first time. It wasn't actually that bad. I mean, it was actually really bad, but maybe I've just seen too many bad SF movies, so it was fun. If you're going to watch it, I advise watching it with someone -- I watched it with my brother and we spent half the time laughing.

I feel like a proper nerd now. If only I could find a copy of the Thrawn trilogy to read.

I also saw the new Doctor Who special! I loved it: ridiculous and timey-wimey and so much fun. I want flying fishies!
I have to say, one of the many things I love about Moffat's run is how good he is at playing with the whole time-travel thing. It's something that gets neglected a lot, not just in RTD's run, but in old!Who too. The viewers are intelligent enough to deal with it! :D

And for fun:
I totally meant to post this earlier in December, but then I went and forgot. It's still Christmassy and there's still New Years!
I don't get to make eggnog this year because it's "too unhealthy" so I'm sharing with you. So if you're an eggnog fan, and aren't scared of raw eggs:

Possibly the unhealthiest drink in the history of ever

4 eggs
2 cups milk (recipes usually call for whole milk, but I've used skim and partly-skimmed milk, too)
2 cups heavy or whipping cream
3/4 cups sugar
1/2 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 tsp nutmeg (or whatever spices you like best -- cinnamon and cloves are nice)
3/4 cups bourbon/rum (I've done it with Southern Comfort, too)

Beat eggs in a large bowl, then add sugar. When it's more-or-less dissolved, keep whisking and slowly add the cream and milk. Add the vanilla and spices, and mix until it reaches a good consistency. Add the bourbon last and stir until it's mixed in. Try to refrigerate for at least six hours so that the flavours blend nicely.

End Notes:
I find a lot of making this is personal taste. Apparently you're supposed to use bourbon, but I've never had it on hand, so I just use rum. If you're concerned about the fat or it being too rich, you can use a skim milk or lighter cream. A lot of recipes call for you to separate the eggs and whip the whites, and fold them in at the end, but no one in the house likes meringue so I don't bother. You can stir it all by hand, but if you have a mixer, it'll come out thicker and beautifully frothy.
Then again, I'm from the school of cooking of: do whatever you want to the recipe if you think it'll be good :D

Can you tell I really like the stuff? (Although I know it's not for everyone)

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