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So the other day, there was this fandom!secret about how anon didn’t want the Voyage of the Dawn Treader movie because then people would do awful things like ship Lucy/Eustace (icky incest) and Lucy/Caspian (ew pedo). For one thing, I shipped Lucy/Caspian when I first read the book at, like, eight. But my immediate thought was of Reepicheep. Who was my favourite character and who my wee little self may or may not have shipped with both Lucy and Eustace :D. So congratulations anon, this is your fault.

Also, I’m so excite for the Dawn Treader movie, even though Prince Caspian was a total disappointment. Dawn Treader was my favouritest book. REEPICHEEP! THE DRAGON! DEATHWATER ISLAND! THE DUFFLEPUDS!

Title: Forbidden Things in a Nowhere World
Fandom: Chronicles of Narnia
Pairing: Eustace/Reepicheep
Rating: R
Warnings: non-explicit sex, technical bestiality? idk, it’s a sentient, sapient mouse
Word Count: 300
Summary: There’s a sort of freedom in being at sea, especially in this impossible land.
A/N: I haven’t read the book in years, so please to be forgiving any mistakes. And this is pretty much the porniest thing I have ever written, aside from that Picard/Data pwp that will never, ever see the light of day.
It occurs to me that I may be maintaining delusions about their ages. In my head, they’ve grown up with me.

He’s pretty sure this is against all natural law. Against God’s Law, certainly. But then, he did pay attention all those times when Lucy spoke of her Mr Tumnus, and he’s not as much a fool as the Pevensies like to think he is. He knows that she what she did is no better.

At least now he can tug on that ridiculous earring like he’s been itching to, although it turns out the mouse never likes having his tail pulled.

They never do this on land, but on the ship, they meet unplanned in dark, secret places by some unconscious consensus. Eustace always leaves aching, with scratches and neat teeth-marks drawn across his body, and even if he hasn’t seen it, he knows the mouse must have patches of fur missing because he can feel it feather down through his fingers, and in the mornings there is blood dried under his nails.

He doesn’t know when the gasped curses turn into whispered names, but it’s probably around the same time they deign to acknowledge each other's existence in the light of day, or around the time of the Dragon Incident. Sometimes Eustace wonders if any of the others suspect, but they mostly seem to be happy that the two have become grudging friends.

After that, Eustace is still left bruised and painted with delicate lines of blood, but he also knows the softness behind the sharp claws and sharper eyes; he has seen the ever-growing sun rise over a horizon of soft, dark fur, while whiskers and hot breath tickle his neck.

When the waters turn sweet, he wonders at the salt on his face, but he blames it on the brilliance of the sun and at having to leave this place.

I’m not sure I want to cross-post this. D:


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